• • Verify that the upper blade is resting fully against the lower blade with no gaps in-between the blades. If there are gaps, check for and remove any material between the blades

  • • Lift the handle and upper blade out and verify that there is a light coating of oil on the underside of the upper blade and top surface of the lower blade.

  • • Place material in trimmer, on upper blade, and fill to about 2” from top of bucket. Less is OK but more is usually better

  • • Sit in chair, grasp between feet, hold handle with one hand and top edge of bucket with the other

  • • Rotate handle back and forth through about 30 degrees at a speed of about twice back and forth per second

  • • Material should mix on its own

  • • Try different levels of material and speeds of rotation to see what works best for your material

  • • Pause and mix with fingers if material isn't mixing around well. Required more with very leafy material

  • • When desired trim achieved, lift on handle until blade clears top of bucket. Dump material in bag and replace blade

Trim Bucket
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