• • When desired trim achieved, lift on handle until blade clears top of bucket. Dump material in bag and replace blade

  • • If blades don't slide smoothly on each other during operation, remove upper blade and inspect the lower surface of upper blade and upper surface of lower blade

  • • Using a cloth and olive oil, or other food grade oil, wipe these surfaces to remove sticky trichome residue. If heavily coated, wipe with isopropyl Alcohol first

  • • Leave a light film of oil on these surfaces, and the shaft, to help prevent build up and keep blades sliding smooth

  • • Do not leave oil on upper surface of upper blade (the side material touches).

  • • If used properly, blades should stay sharp. If they dull after lots of use, both blades can be removed and flipped over using a Philips screw driver

  • • To store, remove all material, clean as above, wipe down with olive oil and place lid on bucket

Trim Bucket
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